Desperate Buckeye Fans Trade Cars For Tickets

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Time to get tickets for tomorrow's national championship game is quickly dwindling. Some desperate fans are offering vacations or even a car in exchange for a way to watch Ohio State take on Florida in person.

Gary Galat owns a used car dealership in Phoenix. He's willing to trade a baby-blue 1972 Mercedes Benz 250 sedan for a pair of seats. Or he can offer a '94 Geo Tracker, an '89 Chevy Blazer or a '91 Cadillac DeVille.

No one has taken his offer.

Other fans willing to barter for tickets include Jon and Pam Kirk of suburban Columbus, who will trade a week at their Maui timeshare for two tickets. Randy Joseph of Tiffin is offering a week at his condo on Lake Erie.