ATM Machine and Pick-Up Truck Stolen, Set On Fire

Perry Township, OH - An ATM Machine was stolen by a person driving a stolen pick-up truck, and robbed Saturday morning, then set on fire.

Police Chief Tim Escola said a pickup truck smashed into the Corner Store at 3256 Lincoln Way E and stole an ATM machine.

Escola said the truck, a stolen 2000 silver Dodge Ram 150, was later found abandoned and on fire in the Akron area. The ATM machine was inside.

The machine was reportedly pried open and the money was removed. "We're not sure how they got the machine out," because it was bolted down.

Escola said a path of debris leading away from the store suggests the truck driver fled eastbound after the break-in. There are no known suspects, yet

Anyone with information on the break-in should call the Police Department at (330) 478-5121