1 Worker Killed, 1 Injured While Changing Tire On Large Truck

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (AP) - Officials have identified a contract
worker who was killed Saturday while changing a tire on a truck at
A-K Steel in Middletown.

The general manager for contractor R-M-B Enterprises of Fostoria
says the worker was 52-year-old Rodolfo "Rudy" Guzman of Lebanon
in southwest Ohio.

R-M-B general manager Jeff Beck says Guzman had 20 years'
experience in truck maintenance. He was married with two children.
The accident also put another worker, 26-year-old Jon Roberts of
Dayton, in a hospital with a broken leg.

The U-S Occupational Safety and Health Administration is

Authorities say the accident happened when a tire separated from
the rim on a large truck and struck the workers.
R-M-B Enterprises hauls steel coils for A-K Steel inside its
Middletown Works.