Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner

Ohio voters made Jennifer Brunner Ohio's first woman elected secretary of state on November 7, 2006. Jennifer brings unique perspective and exceptional credentials to be Ohio's top election official. Her prior service as legislative counsel for the Secretary of State's office, 13 years of election law private practice experience, including service as a special prosecutor for election fraud, and past experience as a member of the Franklin County Board of Elections clearly demonstrate her ability to be an effective and fair Secretary of State.

Jennifer Brunner served as a judge of the Franklin County Common Pleas Court for nearly five years. She was elected to an unexpired term in 2000, edging out a governor's appointee, and was reelected to a 6-year term in 2002. Brunner resigned from the bench on September 1, 2005, to run for Ohio Secretary of State. While serving on the bench, Brunner pioneered the practice of allowing jurors to ask questions and started the county's first adult felony drug court.

Jennifer Brunner has pledged elections for Ohio that are free, fair, open and honest that can be audited and verified. She will ensure the accuracy and equal distribution of voting machines and enforce laws against voter intimidation and fraud. She will honor the role of Secretary of State and not use the office or title to campaign for issues or candidates. She and her husband, Rick, have three adult children and live in Columbus.

Brunner's stated four goals for her first term of office are to restore trust to Ohio elections, ensure business filings that are quick, efficient and easy to retrieve, protect Social Security numbers from disclosure and create and maintain a social health index.