Ohio Student Escapes Shooting Spree In Dorm

UNDATED (AP) - One student from Ohio was sleeping in her dorm at Virginia Tech when yesterday's shooting spree started on the floor above. Another was leaving the dorm for class. Both were a little rattled, but unharmed.

Freshman Ashlee Goodwin, of Granville, was awakened when a friend called her to tell her about the shooting. Goodwin said that, following the shooting, she and fellow dorm residents were told to stay in their rooms unless they needed to use the bathroom.

Freshman Courtney Campbell, also of Granville, left the dorm for an 8 a-m class. She said she didn't hear anything unusual, but did see what she now believes were some paramedics. However, she said things seemed pretty normal as she walked to class.

A gunman opened fire in the dorm about 7:15 a-m and two hours later in a classroom across campus, killing 32 people and himself.