Editorial Reply: Teen Driving Laws

Cleveland, OH - Hello, my name is Mary Price. I am responding to the editorial about the new teen driving laws.

I understand why the state of Ohio decided to enforce this law, and I also appreciate its intentions. However, I feel that it lacks the insight that other teens and I share.

The law prohibits 17 and 16-year-olds from having more than one non-family member passenger. Our options are then limited. We can either walk to our destination which is not always safe, especially at night, or make multiple trips which is neither environmentally conscientious or practical.

Earning a license is a privilege and symbolizes trust and responsibility. Some teens have car accidents for being irresponsible and negligent. However, there are teens that do take driving seriously and act responsibly. It is unfair that responsible teen drivers must suffer the consequences of those that are not. I ask the state of Ohio to reconsider the new law, so that it punishes those who abuse driving privileges but is fair to the responsible teen drivers.

Thank you.