Presidential Candidate John Edwards Embarrassed By $400 Haircuts

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - John Edwards is feeling pretty - pretty embarrassed about paying $400 a piece for two haircuts.

The Democratic presidential candidate says the high-dollar cuts were a simple product of being on the run and ordering up services at the drop of a hat.

"I knew it would be expensive. I didn't know it would be that expensive to have him come over," Edwards told The Associated Press in an interview Friday. "The cost was ridiculous."

The two $400 cuts by Beverly Hills stylist Joseph Torrenueva appeared on Edwards' campaign spending reports filed last weekend. An Edwards spokesman later said that the bill was sent to the campaign and paid by mistake. Edwards will reimburse the campaign, the spokesman said.

"What happened is embarrassing to me," Edwards told the AP. "It was obviously a mistake to have the campaign pay for it."

Late-night comics and others have made fun of Edwards' boyish good looks. A popular YouTube video mocks the former trial lawyer by showing a clip of him primping before a TV appearance as the song "I Feel Pretty" plays on the soundtrack.

The cost of Edwards' haircuts has taken attention away from his plans for revitalizing rural America, which he hoped would dominate his latest campaign swing through Iowa.

The former North Carolina senator made light of the episode when he spoke at a rally in Adel, Iowa. "Everybody's supposed to have a chance in the United States of America," he said. "Why do we think people want to come here?

That's why they want to come here. They want to come here because people like me can come from nowhere, the son of a mill worker and now be running for the president of the United States and pay $400 for a haircut."