Quarry Owner: Diving Site Safe, Recent Deaths Coincidence

GILBOA, Ohio (AP) - The owner of a popular quarry in northwest Ohio is defending the site where four divers have died since April.

The first two victims died in April after their air regulators malfunctioned in the icy waters of the Gilboa Quarry. Two months later, a 60-year-old scuba diver died of natural causes unrelated to his dive, and officials are still awaiting the cause of death for Rebecca Budd, who was pulled from the water last Sunday.

The quarry's owner Mike Williams and the Putnam County Sheriff insist the deaths are a confluence of events unrelated to the safety of the dive site, which boasts depths of more than 130 feet. Williams says divers at the quarry must show their equipment and certification papers and document the dive route they plan to take.