Mayor Says Finances Aren't That Bad, Scraps Layoff Plan

CLEVELAND (AP) - There was a sigh of relief on Wednesday at Cleveland City Hall.

Mayor Jane Campbell (pictured, right) said that the city's finances aren't as bad as had been feared, and that city workers won't be laid off to balance the budget.

She said that some non-essential departments would still have to deal with funding cuts of up to 10 percent, but that the proposed layoffs of 140 city workers won't take place.

On Feb. 1, Campbell submitted a budget of approximately $492 million.

Former Mayor Michael R. White said at the time that Cleveland finished 2001 with an $11.8 million surplus. Campbell, however, had said that she couldn't verify that number and therefore had to assume there was no carryover.

Campbell's office hasn't yet said just how much money is left, or what has changed to alleviate the worry over the city finances.

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