Officer Allegedly Abuses Power For Sexual Favors

CLEVELAND - He wore a uniform and he drove what looked like a Cleveland Police cruiser, and now he's in big trouble for allegedly abusing his authority, The Investigator Tom Meyer exclusively reported.

Bryan Bunch, a Cleveland Public Power security officer, cruises the streets late at night for his job.

"Our cars look like Cleveland police cars, they're almost identical except they're blue," Public Utilities Chief William Tell said.

Bunch was assigned to guard the West 41st Street Cleveland Public Power lot, but he was caught blocks away on Lorain Avenue apparently looking for some action.

"He got a female into the car," Tell said. "She was walking. He lured her into the car and informed her if she didn't have sexual favors with him that they were going to have to put her in jail."

The woman told police that she thought she was being stopped by a Cleveland police officer. She jumped out of the car and escaped when she recognized the car was not a Cleveland police vehicle.

"He can't stop anyone," Tell said. "He doesn't have the authority to stop anyone."

The public utilities officer stopped a second woman at 1 a.m. near West 25th Street and Denison Avenue. Again, he had no authority to stop the woman.

"He activated the overhead lights, and when he pulled her over, she asked him, 'What are you pulling me over for?' and he said, 'You're kind of cute and pretty, and I have to make up my mind what I'm stopping you for.'"

Little did Bunch know that he had just stopped the 18-year-old daughter of a police sergeant in Cleveland's 5th District.

"In lieu of giving you a ticket, I want you to come with me and buy me a cup of coffee," Bunch told the teen-ager, according to Tell.

The chief said that Bunch took the girl to a doughnut shop where she had to buy him coffee and give him her phone number.

Soon after, the 18-year-old told her father and Bunch was arrested and charged with abduction.

19/43 News tried to get Bunch's side of the story, but he refused to talk.

Bunch will apparently do his talking in court. He's been suspended from his city job pending the outcome of his criminal case.