Jury Acquits Ohio Man In Ecstasy Case That Led To Simpson Raid

MIAMI (AP) - A federal jury acquitted an Ohio developer Thursday of charges stemming from the Ecstasy investigation that led to the raid of O.J. Simpson's home.

Mark Nowakowski had been charged with distributing Ecstasy.

"We knew he didn't commit the crime he was charged with," said Ed O'Donnell, Nowakowski's attorney. "The allegations were not supported by the facts."

Nowakowski, of Toledo, Ohio, and eight others were indicted last November. Simpson (pictured, above) was not indicted, but an FBI agent testified Monday that admitted dealer Andrew Anderson supplied Ecstasy to the former NFL star.

Simpson's attorney, Yale Galanter, has denied his client received even a single Ecstasy pill from anyone.

Prosecutor Tony Gonzalez conceded Monday that Nowakowski was not selling the party drug, but said he did not need to make a profit to be guilty of a distribution conspiracy.

Co-defendants John Thorburn and Anderson pleaded guilty late last month rather than go to trial. Thorburn testified he was the middleman in the sale of Ecstasy obtained from Anderson and sold at cost to Nowakowski.

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