Local Officer Fired For Pointing Gun At Colleague

AKRON, Ohio (AP) - An Akron police officer has been fired for pointing his gun at another officer -- a move that he has said was meant as a joke.

Police supervisors, however, didn't think it was funny, and they fired Michael Zukowski. Supervisors said that Zukowski pointed the gun at officer Michael Miller as Miller was sitting in his cruiser on March 26. They said that Zukowski then racked or partially racked a round and shone his flashlight on the gun.

Police records said that Zukowski was cited for misconduct toward city employees and conduct unbecoming of an officer.

The police union said that it will appeal. Union president Paul Hlynsky said that Zukowski is being fired as part of a backlash after a $1.7 million verdict against the department.

In that case, a black officer said that he was fired for a domestic incident, while white officers in similar situations kept their jobs.

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