Students Suspended For Watching Striptease Sue School District

CLEVELAND - Four students at Wellington High School in Lorain County who were suspended for watching a friend take off her clothes are suing their school district in federal court.

They said that they should not be disciplined for something that they did off-campus that had nothing to do with school. The alleged striptease occurred in home one of the teen-agers involved.

"It's Friday night. It's in somebody's home. The question is what in the world do public officials have doing in somebody's home?" the attorney for the students, Avery Friedman, said.

When rumors of what happened spread, school officials called the youths to meetings and suspended each of them for 10 days.

The mother of one of the boys complained that the suspension could wipe out her son's chances of playing football next fall and cause his car insurance rates, which are based on his grades, to jump.

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