Witnesses: Police Shot Man In Cold Blood

CLEVELAND – What started as a routing traffic stop ended with police officers fatally shooting a man, Action News reported.

Some witnesses, however, said that the police officers shot the man in cold blood.

Cleveland Police Department detectives said that Steven Moore's car was parked across two lanes of traffic at the intersection of East 154th Street and Lake Shore Boulevard. When an officer walked over to the car, police said that Moore tried to run them over.

The two officers involved said that they felt their lives were on the line and started shooting.

Moore's friends said that they see it differently. They said that police gunned down Moore for no reason and that they have at least one witness to prove it.

"He goes up the one-way street and, at that point, the police officers keep shooting," witness Nicole Carlock said. "Me and my friend had to get down on the ground because they were still shooting at this man."

The officers have been placed on paid leave, which is standard practice after police shootings. Meanwhile, the department's Internal Affairs division is investigating.