Lakewood Day Care Center Closing After 81 Years

LAKEWOOD, Ohio (AP) - A suburban Cleveland day care center that charged 10 cents per child when it opened is closing its doors after 81 years because of financial struggles.

The Center for Families and Children Lakewood Day Care Center has provided care for thousands of children over the years, several dozen of whom returned Friday for a farewell party.

John Yuhas, 72, said that he has many fond memories of the center, and one not-so-fond one. Yuhas said that when he was a child, the cook greeted children with a glass of cod liver oil, which they had to drink in front of her.

The Lakewood center was one of the first child care centers in the Cleveland area. Many of the first students were children of widows working at Nation Carbide Company, which was later renamed Union Carbide.

Families paid 10 cents for the first child and a nickel for each sibling.

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