Postcard Arrives 57 Years Late

TROY, Ohio (AP) - Fifty-seven years ago, Army private Jerry Fox sent a postcard from Indianapolis to his parents in this western Ohio city. Last month, the postcard arrived.

Fox was sent to Camp Atterbury in Indianapolis in 1945 and was waiting to be deployed when he mailed the postcard to his parents. He told them he would write again when he arrived at his intended destination.

"They gave us a card to write, marked free," Fox said. "I wrote to my folks and explained the 10-hour train ride from Columbus to Indianapolis. We sat on sidings most of the time."

Sidings, seats located outside the compartments on a passenger train, were commonly used during the war when transporting large numbers of troops.

Fox, 76, and his wife, Sarah, now live in the house where Fox' parents lived when the postcard was mailed. When Mrs. Fox went to the mailbox June 18, the postcard was there.

"We both were flabbergasted," Mrs. Fox said. "Where has that postcard been for 57 years?"

U.S. Postal Service officials could not give an answer.

Troy is about 20 miles north of Dayton.

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