Los Angeles Agent To Lead Cleveland FBI Office

CLEVELAND (AP) - Gerald Mack, an FBI administrator in Los Angeles, will become the agency's third special agent in charge in Cleveland in less than two years.

Mack will replace Mark S. Bullock, who has been chosen to be the deputy assistant director of the FBI's criminal investigative division.

Bullock was in Cleveland for a little more than a year. He replaced Van Harp, who is the assistant director of the agency's Washington field office. Harp supervised the office for five years before his move.

Mack, 53, is the special agent in charge for administrative affairs in the bureau's office in Los Angeles, where he has served 19 months. He is a 20-year veteran of the agency, with a background in investigating white-collar crime.

Mack will begin work in Cleveland in mid-September. He will oversee 166 agents and 125 support personnel.

Cleveland marks the seventh move in his FBI career.

"Mobility is important for organizations like this, as it is with many other national and multinational organizations, and agents realize that when they begin," he said.

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