Father Gets Jail Time For Beating Daughter Who Lied About Seeing 'Monsters, Inc.'

CLEVELAND – A father called it punishment. Police called it abuse. On Tuesday, a judge agreed with authorities. The judge sentenced a local man to jail time for what he did when his daughter lied about seeing a popular animated film, Action News' Ed Gallek reported.

It's a story that you could have only seen on Action News.

"Monsters, Inc." was such a big hit that kids wanted to see it again and again. Seeing the movie a second time, however, got a 9-year-old girl in big trouble with her father.

She ended up badly bruised.

On Tuesday, Scott Whitney ended up before a judge.

"I admit I did use excessive force," Whitney told the judge. "I didn't mean to, and I regret that."

Prosecutors said that Whitney used a board to beat his daughter after taking her to see the film "Monsters, Inc." They said that he flew into a rage because she told him that she had not seen the movie when in fact she had.

"He started hitting her in the car on the way home, and then he said, 'When you get home, you're going to get black and blue,'" a prosecutor said in court.

"I'm terribly sorry to the court, to my daughter and to the rest of my children," Whitney said. "I knew I was wrong."

So, did a dad just get really upset one time and go a little too far? Cuyahoga County prosecutors said that Whitney has a history of domestic violence.

Judge Kathleen Sutula showed no mercy, sending him away for three years.

"Your children should not be forced to be victims of your beating," Sutula said.