Power Lunch: Vice Presidential Hopeful Makes Impromptu Visit, Dines At Cleveland Eatery

Cleveland, OH - Campaign '08 rolled through Cleveland yet again on Wednesday.

Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin spent the night in the city and stopped off at Karl's Inn of the Barristers on her way to her next campaign stop.

Palin in the area after touring Ohio on fundraising and campaign stops. Before that, she had a trip to Cincinnati and Dayton that was canceled because of Sunday night's ravaging wind storm. She did, however, make a public appearance in Canton.

Palin slated to meet up with running mate John McCain for a town hall meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Karl's Inn - located on W. 3rd Street downtown - prepared for the influx of media and passer-by's brought by Palin's lunchtime stop.

Both McCain and Obama supporters stopped by to catch a glimpse of Palin and company.

Palin enjoyed a coffee at the restaurant and a famous corned beef sandwich with cheese.

Her motorcade then went to Burke Airport where her McCain-Palin plane took off just before noon.