Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find more examples of glass block uses and applications?

Just about everywhere! A trip to your local library or bookstore to browse current home magazines and decorating books will turn up dozen upon dozens of idea-inspiring uses for glass block. To get a more hands-on perspective, visit our showroom. Also, don't forget to tour local builders' model homes or the annual Parade of Homes in your area.

Which Glass Block pattern should I consider if privacy is my prime concern?

As more homeowners are dealing with the compromises of close-proximity neighbors, privacy is becoming even harder to achieve. That's where glass block can really shine. With the exception of the crystal-clear VUE pattern, all of our Glass Blocks products will afford you more privacy than standard window glazing without sacrificing light transmission. Our Premiere Series includes patterns ranging from the visual clarity of the VUE pattern to the ultra-private ESSEX AA pattern with a wide variety of transparencies and textural effects in between. For maximum privacy, choose the Frosted Block or the DECORA LC patter with fibrous glass inserts.

Do I sacrifice R-value when I install glass block on outside walls?

No, quite the opposite. The R-value for Premiere Series glass block is 1,96 – more than twice the R-value for flat, single-pane glazing. You can add the benefits of increased protection from solar heat gain with LX FIBROUS GLASS INSERTS. Remember, this degree of insulation comes to you without the maintenance and upkeep demands of your conventional windows.

Are there any special installation instructions I need to install glass block in my shower?

Not really. Our products are right at home in the demanding environment of a shower. They're virtually maintenance free, they afford privacy and they make your shower seem larger by letting in lots of light – all while adding decorating and design options you just can't get with other building materials. For even easier cleaning, you may want to use a non mildew-forming silicone or acrylic sealer to coat the mortar joints.

How can I get glass block installed, and is it expensive?

Besides helping you select the glass block that's right for your application, we can arrange for installation as well. Although glass block is competitively priced with other building materials, the final cost will depend on construction costs, whether you need to hire a mason and on the number, sizes, and patterns of the glass blocks you select. 

Can I use glass block on a load-bearing wall?

Keep in mind that the glass block is not a structural load-bearing material. The ultimate test is: If you could install a conventional window in the place of the application you have in mind, then you can confidently move up to Glass Block. Relevant specifications for a verity of typical glass block installations are at your fingertips in the New Home and Remodeling Details, available in our store.

To save money, can I install glass block myself?

Absolutely. And you have several options. The most common do-it-yourself installation methods are to use VeriTru Spacers with mortar or the KwiK'N EZ Silicone system. For easy installation, pre-assembled Glass Block panels are available in selected markets to fit a variety of window openings. And the new LightWise Window comes fully assembled and installs just like a traditional window with its built-in nailing fin.

Here are some other questions you should ask before purchasing glass block...

  • How long of a warranty is offered on glass block, vents, and labor?
  • How long have you been in the Glass Block Business?
  • Do you have full-time installers or do they use sub-contractors?
  • Do you offer free estimates in writing?
  • Are your products made with fillers or do they use only full mortar joints in their windows?
  • Can you supply a referral list?
  • Are you registered with the Better Business Bureau Care Program?
  • Do you offer one-day service on a basic installation?
  • Will you furnish a list to help you prepare for the installation crew?
  • Will the installation crew clean up any and all debris associated with the job?

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