Pricey Ride: Cost Of Fuel Drives Up RTA Prices

Cleveland, OH - The rising cost of bus fuel is taking a big chunk out of RTA's budget.

Late Tuesday morning, RTA decided to pass the cost onto the riders by imposing a fuel surcharge.

A price hike has been rumored for months but will now become a reality for cash-strapped riders beginning Monday, October 27th.

The fuel surcharge is expected to generate $4.8M dollars for RTA - which isn't much considering the public transportation company's fuel bill.

$11.9M dollars spent in 2007 for gas while this year's total is around $19.9M - that's a 68% increase.

If gas prices fall under $3 dollars in 2010, the hike will goes away.

If not, here's a breakdown on what you can expect to pay:

If gas costs between $3-$4 dollars a gallon, RTA riders will pay .50-cents more per ride, $4- $4.75 a gallon, it will be .75-cents more per trip and if gas tops out at more than $4.76 a gallon, expect to pay a dollar more to get around.