Officers Thought Suspects Were Trying To Escape

CLEVELAND – Cleveland City Hall released the dramatic audiotape of police radio transmissions from a chase that turned deadly last week, Action News' Wendy Gillette reported.

Police ended up shooting two teen-agers, one who died and one who was injured.

The tape began with police running a license plate. The dispatcher reported that the car was stolen, which led to the police chase that began on the city's west side.

A second car with two officers arrived as backup and boxed in the teens' car at the intersection West 85th Street and Sauer Road.

The teens' car accelerated, and a police officer could be heard saying that an officer was almost hit. The car eventually ended up on Lawn Avenue after crossing an empty lot.

Again, police boxed it in.

The tape indicates that the driver, 16-year-old Malcolm Hoyle, used the car as a weapon and backed into an officer. One can then hear officers yelling that the teens looked like they were attempting to escape.

Two officers fired, hitting Hoyle and a passenger -- Ricardo Mason. Mason died from his injuries.

The teens' families said that police acted with excessive force. An internal investigation is ongoing.