Pay Up: RTA Price Hike Now In Effect

Cleveland, OH - Commuters who ride the bus and the Rapid will have to dig a little deeper starting today.

The new RTA rate increases now in effect.

Increased prices now range from a .10-cents one way for senior citizens to $15 dollars more for a monthly Park-and-Ride pass.

Cash fares to ride the bus or Rapid will go up .25 cents to $2 dollars.

RTA says the fuel surcharge is because of the rising cost of diesel.

Check HERE for complete details.

If gas prices fall under $3 dollars in 2010, the hike will goes away.

If not, here's a breakdown on what riders can expect to pay:

If gas costs between $3-$4 dollars a gallon, RTA riders will pay .50-cents more per ride, $4- $4.75 a gallon, it will be .75-cents more per trip and if gas tops out at more than $4.76 a gallon, expect to pay a dollar more to get around.