CLEVELAND (AP) - Many northeast Ohio communities are seeing increased numbers of small, winged guests in their homes and offices.

Columbia Township recently got rid of approximately 2,000 bats that had lived in the Town Hall attic for years. The township finally decided to oust the bats after one turned up under the clerk's desk.

Elbert Adkins of Ace Wildlife Services in Cleveland said that his company has been dealing with nothing but bats for the last two weeks and that he expects the calls to continue for two more.

Bats generally love hot weather but it's gotten too hot for them in attics lately, which sends them inching downward in search of cooler temperatures. Adkins said that's when they end up inside the living quarters of residents' homes.

He said that this year is particularly bad because recent mild winters have given brown bats reason to migrate, so their numbers are increasing.

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