Police Dispatcher Charged With Making Harassing Phone Calls

MEDINA, Ohio (AP) - A Medina police dispatcher has been convicted of making harassing telephone calls -- some from the Medina Police Department.

Court records show that 34-year-old Tracy Arthur made 1,700 telephone calls to the home of Laura Conroy of Parma. Police say that they do not know why Arthur made the calls.

Parma police spokesman Bill Mauer says that Arthur placed as many as 130 calls a day to the Conroy residence.

Parma Municipal Judge Kenneth Spanagel sentenced Arthur to 180 days in jail and ordered her to have a psychiatric exam.

Medina Police Chief Dennis Hanwell said in a brief news release that Arthur, of North Royalton, was fired Tuesday. Hanwell says that Arthur had worked for the station for about a year.

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