Are City's Homeless Becoming More Violent?

CLEVELAND – Action News discovered that two men who were arrested for their suspected roles in two separate Downtown Cleveland attacks have something in common -- they're both homeless.

Action News first told you about a holdup at a Chester Avenue parking garage on Tuesday morning. The suspect, who was arrested less than a block from the garage, turned out to be a homeless man.

The same is true for the suspect arrested last week in the kidnapping of a Cleveland State University student from a CSU parking lot.

The news has people who live and work Downtown asking if the homeless in Cleveland are becoming more violent. It's a difficult question to answer.

"I think that anyone under these circumstances, not that it's right, would be more apt to commit a crime," a homeless man named Curacus Brindisi said. "I'm sure nobody wants to hurt somebody, but when you lose your job and your family, there's no telling what you might do."

Local mental health workers told Action News that they haven't noticed more violence in local homeless shelters, but they did acknowledge that there is a shortage of mental health care for transients.