Police believe that phantom burglar has returned

LORAIN, Ohio - Police in Lorain are on the lookout for a burglar who only strikes during the dark winter months, Action News reported.

Authorities refer to the thief as "the phantom burglar."

Lorain Police Department officials said that the phantom begins striking once the time changes and the days start getting darker.

They said that he works the same routine every year -- he strikes every Friday between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., and he doesn't take cash or credit cards. He only steals jewelry.

The time change just happened last week, but the phantom has already hit three homes.

"A lot of the neighborhood was shocked because it was either one door away or two doors away, and they didn't hear a thing," Lorain resident Maureen McBride said.

The phantom's silence during the robberies is why police gave him the nickname. He's very quiet when he works, and then he simply seems to disappear.