List: Cleveland Public Library’s recommended reads for Black Trans Lives Matter topic

Here are this week’s recommended reads from Cleveland Public Library.

  Next 400: Advocates say Black Lives Matter can’t matter unless Black Trans Lives Matter, too

While Black Lives Matter is pushing for equality, LGBTQ advocates are demanding not to be forgotten.

  The Next 400: What does it mean to #DefendBlackWomen?

Two Cleveland women are leading the movement through art and activism. Their stories Friday night at 6 and 11.

  How systemic racism has catastrophic effects on Black women

In The Next 400 report Friday night hear from two women about the mission to change the lives of Black women.

  Next 400: Civil rights attorney says more transparency needed in grand jury process

There have been several high-profile fatal police shootings that have left families grieving and questioning the criminal justice system. 19 News has a rare look into the grand jury process

  Next 400: Calls renewed to reform grand jury process

Friday night at 6 & 11: The Next 400 takes a look at implicit bias within the criminal justice system.

  The Next 400: Advisory council with real life steps to combat social and racial injustice

When 19 News embarked on its hallmark social and racial justice initiative, “The Next 400,” an advisory council was formed. The purpose of the council was to bring together community leaders and stakeholders to guide the decision making, offer advice and insight and audit the quality of reporting.

  The Next 400: 2 business owners fight for equity one wash at a time

Clean Express Auto Wash in Cleveland has a business model that includes more than just business.

  19 News ‘Next 400’ team partnering with Cleveland Public Library to offer resources in the community

A unique partnership: Cleveland Public Library and 19 News’ “Next 400” coming together to serve the public.

  Operation Legend draws praise, criticism as law enforcement works to combat steep rise in violent crime

A rise in violent crimes in Cleveland is why the U.S. Justice Department said it was sending additional federal agents and resources to the city under Operation Legend.

  The Next 400 looks at pros and cons of federal program, Operation Legend

Some say Operation LeGend is long overdue, but not everyone is onboard. The Next 400 report airs Friday night at 6 and 11 on 19 News.

  Experts show how it takes more than black boxes to stand against racism

In the Next 400 report, Cleveland experts show how black boxes and messages standing against racism are called performative allyship if action is not behind them.

  The Next 400 looks at racial inclusion beginning with classroom lessons in Lakewood

The Lakewood school district is leading the charge, and challenging what has been taught to students for generations.

  Photographers document Black Lives Matter protest in Cleveland

Summer 2020 will go down as a three-month stretch of mass protests around the country.

  Westlake man chronicling diversity success stories in workplaces across the country for the last 20 years

In this week's The Next 400" we introduce you to Jim Rector, founder and publisher of Profiles in Diversity Journal.

19 News partners with Cleveland Public Library for The Next 400 series

The Cleveland Public Library will provide additional resources to help viewers further understand these tough issues.

  Westlake man practices diversity and inclusion in daily work: ’there’s no them and us’

In this week's The Next 400, we go beyond the diversity and inclusion headlines to see the practices at work.

  The Next 400: Community leaders call for racial justice in 19 News special report

19 News is committed to bringing people together to engage in insightful conversations about race and racism to bring about changes.

  The Next 400: Racism in Healthcare

The experiment went on for forty years, from 1932 to 1972. Black men were told only that they were receiving free healthcare. Many infected their partners, lived tortured lives, and died painful deaths.

  The Next 400: What does declaring racism a public health crisis mean?

We look at Milwaukee County’s plan and will it work for Cleveland?