The Next 400: 19 News and Cleveland Public Library team up for virtual discussion to stop Asian hate

The roundtable kicks off at 7:30 p.m. Thursday on Cleveland Public Library’s Facebook page.

Recommended Reads: List of resources to deepen understanding, stop Asian hate

You can access a list of recommended reads from the members of the library’s Cultural Diversity Resource to help deepen our understanding of the Asian American and immigrant experience.

  The Next 400: Black philanthropy empowers communities of color in Cleveland

Traditionally, people who give large sums of money for the common good have been called philanthropists. Therein lies the problem: being defined by one standard and not always giving credit where credit is due.

  The Next 400: Soul of Philanthropy Cleveland brings untold stories out of shadows

In this week’s The Next 400 we take a closer look at Black philanthropy and the impact it has on the community.

  Governor launches major broadband expansion project for underserved East Cleveland communities

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine was in East Cleveland on Wednesday morning to announce the expansion of a broadband initiative that will impact hundreds of residents in underserved communities.

  The Next 400: Young activists fight for social justice

Historic events captured in their young lives have been impactful, forcing them to mature well beyond their years.

  The Next 400: Young people fight for social justice in their own way

Tonight at 6, we meet young activists who are protesting and marching for change.

  The Next 400: Cleveland’s housing trends and the impact on generational wealth for African-Americans

A lot of people remember the housing and financial crisis of the mid-2000s. The devastation was widespread. Predominately Black neighborhoods have lagged when it comes to recovery.

  The Next 400: For Black Americans, there are links between life expectancy, poverty, and race

19 News takes a closer look to see if a legacy of racial discrimination in housing still affects aspects of contemporary life.

  The Next 400: School funding system ruled unconstitutional 4 times, failing students in poor rural, urban areas

Former Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neill said education funding in Ohio was ruled unconstitutional four times.

  The Next 400: Experts say history of racial discrimination in housing fosters today’s inequities

Tonight at 6 and 11, the series takes a look at educational inequities and those fighting against them.

  The Next 400: One family, three generations fighting discrimination

It is a remarkable legacy. One family. Three generations of breaking barriers in Cleveland.

  The Next 400: Communities continue to suffer from redlining’s racist effects

Areas that were redlined decades ago still lag in home value, access to education, health care, broadband penetration, and more.

  African Americans combat transformation barriers to receive COVID-19 vaccine

There are African Americans who are putting their mistrust of the medical system aside but still cannot get their hands on a vaccine.

  The Next 400: Black Americans overcoming their fears and grief to get vaccinated

Black Americans are hospitalized with COVID-19 and die from it at a much higher rate than white Americans.

  The Next 400: 19 News and Cleveland Public Library team up for COVID-19 vaccine roundtable

On Feb. 18 at 7:30 p.m. the library will host a Facebook Live discussion about vaccines and the African American experience.

  Family’s history lingers around debate to get COVID vaccine

Many African Americans are cautious about COVID-19 vaccine.

  The Next 400: Recommended reads on vaccinations

Our partners at the Cleveland Public Library pulled some resources to help educate people about vaccinations.

  The Next 400: Recruiting more African Americans to become organ donors

19 News is looking at Ohio's organ donor registry. Lifebanc says there's a huge need for more African Americans, and other persons of color, to sign up to be donors. Candice Monore knows first-hand the power of organ transplants.

  The Next 400: Activist & author Rachel Cargle opens bookstore to amplify marginalized voices

Elizabeth’s Bookshop & Writing Centre will feature books from different perspectives.

  Next 400: Racial disparities in the juvenile justice system. “Is the system designed to treat all who enter it throughout the process consistently, fairly, equally?”

Israel Tabler was just 11 years old when he was first sent to juvenile detention. He said he was “really just getting in trouble with school” in the beginning. Tabler was first charged with truancy. At 24, he’s just finished a six-year prison sentence as an adult for aggravated robbery.

  The Next 400: Racially motivated 911 calls, fighting back against the ‘Karens’

Two Ohio lawmakers are fighting back against racially motivated 911 calls.

Election 2020: Where do we go from here?

19 News anchor Chris Tanaka will moderate a virtual discussion of Cleveland community leaders Thursday, Nov. 19 at 7:30 p.m.

Cleveland Public Library hosts conversation with Bryan Stevenson

Stevenson will discuss racial bias in the criminal justice system.

  The Next 400: Unfair sentences and wrongful convictions disproportionately affect African Americans

The Sutton family says Michael Sutton is in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

  The Next 400: Opioid Crisis greatly impacting Cuyahoga County’s Black community, forging new partnerships to curb deaths

The opioid crisis in Cuyahoga County is trending in the wrong direction. An alarming rate of overdose deaths, particularly for Black community, is forging new relationships.

  Opioid crisis reaches critical level in Black community

Damon Maloney takes a deeper dive into the opioid crisis and how it’s affecting the Black community. His report Friday night at 6 and 11.

List: Cleveland Public Library’s recommended reads for Black Trans Lives Matter topic

Here are this week’s recommended reads from Cleveland Public Library.

  Next 400: Advocates say Black Lives Matter can’t matter unless Black Trans Lives Matter, too

While Black Lives Matter is pushing for equality, LGBTQ advocates are demanding not to be forgotten.

  The Next 400: What does it mean to #DefendBlackWomen?

Two Cleveland women are leading the movement through art and activism. Their stories Friday night at 6 and 11.

  How systemic racism has catastrophic effects on Black women

In The Next 400 report Friday night hear from two women about the mission to change the lives of Black women.

  Next 400: Civil rights attorney says more transparency needed in grand jury process

There have been several high-profile fatal police shootings that have left families grieving and questioning the criminal justice system. 19 News has a rare look into the grand jury process

  Next 400: Calls renewed to reform grand jury process

Friday night at 6 & 11: The Next 400 takes a look at implicit bias within the criminal justice system.

  The Next 400: Advisory council with real life steps to combat social and racial injustice

When 19 News embarked on its hallmark social and racial justice initiative, “The Next 400,” an advisory council was formed. The purpose of the council was to bring together community leaders and stakeholders to guide the decision making, offer advice and insight and audit the quality of reporting.

  The Next 400: 2 business owners fight for equity one wash at a time

Clean Express Auto Wash in Cleveland has a business model that includes more than just business.

  19 News ‘Next 400’ team partnering with Cleveland Public Library to offer resources in the community

A unique partnership: Cleveland Public Library and 19 News’ “Next 400” coming together to serve the public.

  Operation Legend draws praise, criticism as law enforcement works to combat steep rise in violent crime

A rise in violent crimes in Cleveland is why the U.S. Justice Department said it was sending additional federal agents and resources to the city under Operation Legend.

  The Next 400 looks at pros and cons of federal program, Operation Legend

Some say Operation LeGend is long overdue, but not everyone is onboard. The Next 400 report airs Friday night at 6 and 11 on 19 News.

  Experts show how it takes more than black boxes to stand against racism

In the Next 400 report, Cleveland experts show how black boxes and messages standing against racism are called performative allyship if action is not behind them.

  The Next 400 looks at racial inclusion beginning with classroom lessons in Lakewood

The Lakewood school district is leading the charge, and challenging what has been taught to students for generations.

  Photographers document Black Lives Matter protest in Cleveland

Summer 2020 will go down as a three-month stretch of mass protests around the country.

  Westlake man chronicling diversity success stories in workplaces across the country for the last 20 years

In this week's The Next 400" we introduce you to Jim Rector, founder and publisher of Profiles in Diversity Journal.

19 News partners with Cleveland Public Library for The Next 400 series

The Cleveland Public Library will provide additional resources to help viewers further understand these tough issues.

  Westlake man practices diversity and inclusion in daily work: ’there’s no them and us’

In this week's The Next 400, we go beyond the diversity and inclusion headlines to see the practices at work.

  The Next 400: Community leaders call for racial justice in 19 News special report

19 News is committed to bringing people together to engage in insightful conversations about race and racism to bring about changes.

  The Next 400: Racism in Healthcare

The experiment went on for forty years, from 1932 to 1972. Black men were told only that they were receiving free healthcare. Many infected their partners, lived tortured lives, and died painful deaths.

  The Next 400: What does declaring racism a public health crisis mean?

We look at Milwaukee County’s plan and will it work for Cleveland?

  The Next 400: Why some Americans distrust the census

Every person that’s not counted costs their community about $1,800 a year for ten years.

  Reporter Harry Boomer makes sense out of census 2020

This week's The Next 400 report explores the reasons why some communities skip the census.

  The Next 400: Neeha Curtis examines the cash bail system and why advocates call for change

It's often called a "wealth-based" system disproportionately affecting black and brown people.

  Study: Lead poisoning can impact children well into adulthood

The latest installment of 'The Next 400' series looks at how lead poisoning in children dates back years.

  What it means to be black in America? 2 different families with the same message

We spoke to two different families with the same message -- their hope to erase racism.

  The Next 400 series takes steps to examine and eradicate systemic racism

After the killing of Floyd, 19 News began digging into the epidemic to provide solutions on what “The Next 400″ years could and should look like for Cleveland and the country.

  Reporter Notebook: Chris Tanaka reveals the importance of ‘The Next 400’

This is an organic series that will cover major events and developments, but will also follow themes such as education, health care, criminal justice and more.

  Meet the 19 News advisory council for ‘The Next 400’ series

The council will guide us through a series of stories that will crusade for impactful, meaningful change within our communities.