Mother burned when sippy cup exploded in her face, she says

An attorney says the company who makes the sippy cup doesn’t believe an explosion could have happened if the cup was being used properly and wants to do testing on it.
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  ‘To Catch a Predator’ host Chris Hansen arrested, charged with bouncing checks

Hansen was charged this week with issuing a bad check. He was released after signing a promise to appear in court.


Demolition worker dies after being crushed in building collapse: Cleveland Police

Snow plow drivers, shovelers needed ahead of weekend winter storm

Akron fatal hit-skip crash suspect surrenders to authorities

Federal workers grateful for free Stouffer’s, just want to return to work

  Is Lake Erie ready to freeze over (photos)

Photos of Lake Erie before the big freeze
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Hyundai and Kia recalling 168,000 cars over engine fire problem

The affiliated Korean automakers have been dogged by fire and engine failure complaints from across the nation.

  Pothole patrol: More potholes popping up, fewer dollars available to make repairs

Do you have a space heater? Here’s how to use one without causing a fire

If you already see snow totals for this weekend’s storm, they’re likely wrong; here’s why

TSA puts out how many employees called off yesterday and the impact it may, or may not have had

  Shaker Heights police looking to identify person of interest in parking lot hit-skip spree

Package containing over 2 pounds of fentanyl addressed for Cleveland home intercepted at UPS facility

Akron man dies after being shot in the chest

Family asks for help with funeral expenses for 14-year-old boy who died in Stark County house fire

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  Trump signs law giving back pay to federal workers

President Donald Trump signed a law on Wednesday guaranteeing back pay to federal employees who have been furloughed or working without pay during the partial government shutdown.


  Freddie Kitchens formally introduced as Cleveland Browns head coach

The Cleveland Browns named Freddie Kitchen as head coach on Saturday, and formally introduced the 13-year NFL coaching veteran with the new title during a press conference on Monday.


Avon police charge woman for driving drunk the wrong way on I-90

East Cleveland native King Chip says being a single father is far more challenging (and important) than being a star rapper

Alleged drunken driver accused of hitting Macedonia officer, now charged with more severe crimes

Man indicted for murdering 94-year-old woman who was visiting family in Cleveland

  South Euclid police defend dad’s decision to take away cell phone after daughter calls 9-1-1 on him (video)

Body cam video showed police arriving to the South Euclid home.
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  ‘A blizzard of prescriptions’: Lawsuit alleges OxyContin maker knowingly created ‘manmade disaster’ of opioid abuse

A member of the family that owns Purdue Pharma told people at the OxyContin launch party that it would be “followed by a blizzard of prescriptions that will bury the competition,” according to court documents.

  There’s no way you’re washing your hands enough to prevent flu and colds

Here is what happens when a snow emergency is declared in your Ohio county

Northeast Ohio Weather: Snow moves in tomorrow

Sunny Side Up: What should the punishment be for parents who get too heated at their kid’s sporting event?