Report: Police Taser did not contribute to Akron man's death

Report: Police Taser did not contribute to Akron man's death

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - An eight month investigation into the death of Jordn Miller is complete and police are not at fault.

According to a report released by the Summit County Medical Examiner's Office and the Summit County Prosecutors Office Miller died from natural causes and not from being shocked by a police Taser gun.

Part of the report reads:

Based on the reports from both agencies, we agree that the officer involved in the use of the taser violated no Ohio statutes in his use of force. We also have confidence in the finding that the use of the taser was not the cause of death of Jordan Miller. 

Police were called to Abington Dr. on Sept. 8 after witnesses say they saw a naked man trying to steal car. During the 24-year-old's arrest police say he became very unruly and even bit one of the officers, causing them to shock him.

Miller died a few days later in Akron City Hospital.

Investigators initially believed that Miller had been abusing different drugs over several days and had also not slept. It was believed that this drug abuse lead to Miller's bizarre and aggressive behavior prior to and upon his arrest.

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