More changes at Cleveland Hopkins: Lyft, Uber & taxis can once again pick up, drop off at terminal

More changes at Cleveland Hopkins: Lyft, Uber & taxis can once again pick up, drop off at terminal

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - What’s old is new once again at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

The city is once again changing their policy as to who can pick up and drop off passengers right outside the terminal, and people like Carol Soltis, of North Ridgeville, say they are just plain confused.

“This sucks with all these changes,” said Soltis.

She said the recent change in drop off and pick up rules at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport are so unclear that she and her husband decided to park and walk to the terminal, even though as it turns out they really didn’t have to.

It was only Lyft, Uber and taxi services that were told that in January they would have to drop off and pick up somewhere else.

We broke the news to Soltis, telling her that she could have just driven right up to the terminal.

“It kinda sucks now because we are picking up friends and if we had known that we would have picked them up in the baggage area,” added Soltis.

If that isn’t confusing enough, the pick up and drop off policies are going to change once again. Things are going back to the way they were before.

According to the city, beginning the week of February 18, if you are talking Lyft, Uber or a taxi, you will once again be able to be dropped off or picked up in front of the terminal - just like everyone else.

We spoke to one airport employee who said people with disabilities who took a taxi service to the airport were the ones most negatively impacted by the policy change in January.

Being dropped off and picked up away from the terminal made it much more difficult for people with disabilities to access the airport.

“Not everyone is able to be mobile and to do the escalators and the steps. My son has autism. The escalators are very, very difficult for him. Finding an elevator takes more time,” said Howard Russell of Chippewa Township.

The city released a statement saying that they made the change back because "several capital improvement projects at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport will impact current passenger drop-off and pick-up locations. As a result, the city is revising the airport's ground transportation system."

People like Carol Soltis say they just wish city officials would just keep things simple.

"It drives you nuts! It really does," added Soltis.

The city is also saying now that they are embarking on a master plan process in 2019 in which they will permanently address issues that include arrivals, parking and access to transportation.

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