Glut of Cleveland dollar stores bringing down health and economy of city’s neighborhoods, councilman argues

Cleveland councilman argues glut of dollar stores are hobbling local health, economies of city's neighborhoods

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Drive down many major streets in the city of Cleveland and you are likely to see one dollar store after another.

That got a Cleveland councilman thinking of ways to put the brakes on the volume of these businesses.

“We want a temporary moratorium on any zoning, any building and occupancy permits on any small box retail stores in the city of Cleveland,” Ward 6 Councilman Blaine Griffin said.

Councilman Griffin says there are too many Family Dollar, Dollar General and Dollar Tree stores in the city.

Griffin also complains that dollar stores have little to no selection of fresh food and most carry processed foods at inflated prices. They employ fewer workers at lower wages and often face class action suits for violating fair labor laws, he said.

“We believe there is a proliferation of these dollar stores that are going up in poorer minority communities. We want to provide more healthy options for the people in our communities,” said Griffin.

Cleveland 19 counted 10 Dollar Tree store locations, 10 Family Dollar stores and at least 17 Dollar General stores on their respective websites.

“We want to provide more healthy options for the people in our communities.” Griffin said. “More cities are really going to healthy overlay districts and we want a little bit of time to give ourselves the proper tools in place to regulate this proliferation and over saturation these dollar stores.”

Councilman Griffin’s proposed ordinance has to go through a committee process before it can become law. He said he hopes the process will motivate dollar store companies to come to the table and work out a solution.

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