Your phone charger could easily become a fire hazard, here’s how flames could be ignited in your home

Chargers near metal bed frames, or chargers that are not rated for use with your phone, could be a fire hazard.
Updated: Aug. 26, 2019 at 10:31 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The American College of Emergency Physicians has published a warning about sub-standard phone chargers, and the risk of fire and/or burns while using them.

T.J. Martin, a Parma firefighter, tells us that you should be cautious using a phone charger around metal bed frames, specifically if your charger is frayed, or does not have the capacity to handle the energy required to charge your phone.

Martin says the metal of your bed frame can conduct electricity, and if the cord of your chargers is in contact with the metal and a flammable source there could be a fire.

“Even though it may be a negligible amount, over time, that builds up and could cause a significant impact because that metal will get hot enough to cause the fabric on the bed to catch fire,” Martin said.

The real concern comes with phone chargers that are not U.L. Listed, and therefore are not made with the materials necessary to handle the amps the phone requires for charging.

If the phone overheats there is a chance that the phone could be damaged, or the heat could build up in the battery.

“If it overheats it does have the potential to create a fire when it comes into contact with the cloth,” Martin said.

Martin suggests buying a charger compatible to your phone, or at the very least one that is U.L. Listed. Also, plug your phone directly into the outlet, and avoid using extension cords.

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