Will the Flats have as large of a crowd this Memorial Day with Covid-19 restrictions?

Bar managers say access is limited due to protocols

Weekend traffic in the Flats after restrictions are lifted, May 23, 2020

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - It’s Memorial Day weekend and many local bars and restaurants are hoping this holiday will have customers coming to their restaurants.

19 News spent the day at the Flats in Cleveland to see what kind of crowd made their way to the bars and restaurants there.

Rob Moskalski is the general manager of three bars and restaurants in the Flats feels the combination of the good weather and the long weekend will have just as many people coming out this year for Memorial Day weekend as any other year.

But, he said the access won’t be the same because of Covid-19 restrictions.

“This is probably half capacity. Seventy percent of what we would normally have right now,” Moskalski said.

Moskalski manages Dante’s Inferno, Backyard Bocce and Thirsty Dog and said the impact of the coronavirus are still being felt this Memorial Day weekend because of restrictions that need to be followed at bars and restaurants to try and keep everyone safe.

“I think the amount of people coming out will be the same, but we can’t handle that kind of business. We have to stop people at the door because of rules that are in place now,” Moskalski said.

This holiday weekend could take a hit economically, but after being closed to customers for about seven weeks they’re thankful for every penny that comes through the door.

And who knows, they may even have a busier Monday than expected.

“It’s hard to say, usually Monday is done by 6 o’clock, because people are going to work on Tuesday morning. But I don’t know how many people are actually going back to work on Tuesday. So we could be in for a later night on Monday now,” Moskalski told 19 News.

As for the customers, they’re just enjoying a night out with friends.

James Hill of Cleveland said he’s not much of a cook so he’s glad the restaurants can have customers again, “I’m not really a person to be in the house that does cooking so I’m usually eating out a lot.”

Keith Harper and Trinette Thomas and family are enjoying the day as well. But are still taking precautions, concerned that if they don’t they’ll be forced to hunker down at home again.

“I’m very concerned if we don’t participate and do what we supposed to do we’ll be right back in the house on lock down,” Thomas said.

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