North Royalton family honors one of their own, a US marine who died in Iraq in 2005

Published: Jul. 3, 2020 at 8:13 PM EDT
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NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio (WOIO) - On this holiday weekend, there are many Northeast Ohio families remembering loved ones who sacrificed their lives for our country.

A North Royalton family says the community has made this year especially meaningful. 

Kim Weisinger said, “He loved America and wanted to serve his country.”

Weisinger is talking about her brother, Corporal Jeff Boskovitch, a U.S. marine killed in Iraq in 2005.

Weisinger wants her little boy, Alex, to know and remember his uncle. 

This Fourth of July weekend, she’s able to take him to see a refurbished memorial of Corporal Boskovitch in his hometown.

“There were some issues with the branches getting stuck in the trees with the flag, so you know they wanted to go ahead and fit the top of the pole so they can replace the flag up there,” said Weisinger.

Weisinger credits the North Royalton Fire Department, city council, mayor, and people like Rick Dechant, who are part of the Northeast Ohio Foundation for Patriotism.

Dechant says the family certainly deserved the help. “They still continue to serve military families of northeast Ohio and we’re very proud that Corporal Boskovitch’s step brother is on our board of directors.”

While the team effort to fix up the memorial may seem like something small, both DeChant and Weisinger say it means so much, especially this year. “A lot has been going on in our country over the past several months. Unfortunately, the focus on Veteran’s military families has kind of gotten moved to the side,” said DeChant.

“Barbecues and picnics are nice, but for me and my family, for all those listening, it’s a time to reflect on the fallen, those who sacrificed, those who continue to serve, and those who have served to keep us safe at night,” said Weisinger,

If you’d like to see the memorial, it’s on the corner of Bennet and Ridge Road.

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