Cuyahoga County approaching level 4 status, the highest level on the state coronavirus alert system

Updated: Jul. 9, 2020 at 9:58 PM EDT
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CUYAHOGA COUNTY, Ohio (WOIO) - On Thursday Gov. Mike DeWine announced that Cuyahoga County is approaching the highest level on the state alert system, which is level 4.

Right now, Cuyahoga County is technically still red, which is the third highest of the 4 levels, but by next week we could be purple. This means we are seeing severe exposure and spread.

Most of the recent cases spread in Cuyahoga County over the last few weeks were in non-congregate settings, which the Governor said is worse because it indicates significant community spread of the virus.

In the last week of June, we saw 999 new cases—the largest number of weekly COVID cases reported since the pandemic started. Average cases per day and hospital admissions both more than doubled.

“Cuyahoga County residents are seeking care for COVID-19 related concerns at higher levels than ever before,” Governor DeWine said. “For example, from June 16th to July 1 visits to the ER for COVID-19 more than doubled from an average of 19 per day to 50 per day. Over the same period the average number of outpatient visits with suspected or confirmed COVID diagnoses increased from 41 to 233. 41 to 233.”

The Governor said he determines which level a county is at by looking at more than just cases; also symptoms, percentage of cases in non-congregate settings, increases in hospitalizations, ER visits, and doctor visits. Once a county reaches level 3 status that triggers a mask mandate. The Governor says this is important to protect everyone in Ohio.

“We can control some of this,” the Governor said. “We can control some of our future and how things are gonna be in a month and the more Ohioans that will wear masks out in public the more Ohioans will keep their distance the better off we’re going to be.”

Cuyahoga County met the criteria for level four status this past week. The Governor said if the county does not improve its risk level by next week, we will officially hit level 4 status.

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