Lakewood mail delays to blame for receiving school forms past due dates, parents say

Lakewood mail delays to blame for receiving school forms past due dates, parents say

LAKEWOOD, Ohio (WOIO) - Parents are receiving mail so behind schedule that important documents needed for the upcoming school year are arriving past their due dates, Lakewood residents said.

19 News Investigators went to find out what to do if that happens to you.

Rachel Cruz said a letter from Lakewood schools took nine days to get from the central office to her house, less than two miles away.

Rachel Cruz said the letter arrived at her house last Friday, Aug. 14.

When she looked closely, she discovered it was post marked on Aug. 5.

“How did it take nine days to go two miles?” Cruz asked.

Cruz said she opened the envelope to find a form that needed filled out for her boyfriend’s daughter to attend school online this year.

By the time they got it, the deadline listed on it had already passed.

“It was very scary to get that and think that we missed out, because the mail was late,” Cruz said.

Monday, president of the American Postal Workers Cleveland/Ohio Area Local-72 Daleo Freeman said the pandemic is impacting mail delivery speeds across the nation.

“We have 40-thousand employees that are out or on quarantine at this moment,” he said.

Cruz said it’s not just the school form that arrived late, adding other items she has ordered have taken a longer time to get to her as well.

“I really do foresee this as an issue that is going to go for a while, unless something is done about it,” she said.

She's thinking of all the other important things that go through the mail like a court summons or medication.

“Whether we can hire more workers for the post office. whether we change the regulations. perhaps deadlines go out the window,” she said.

The good news is Cruz said her boyfriend worked out the details of the school year with administrators.

In a statement, a spokesperson with Lakewood Schools says the district “heard from some parents that the form took an unusually long time to arrive.”

The district said the form was also sent out in email, but parents can call the Teaching & Learning Department at 216-529-4203 if they still need to respond.

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