University Hospitals and Case Western Reserve University to participate in Phase 3 clinical trial for COVID-19 vaccine

Updated: Oct. 30, 2020 at 11:12 AM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - University Hospitals and Case Western University have been selected for Phase 3 clinical trials for a vaccine for coronavirus.

The pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca will conduct the trial.

This isn’t UH’s first time participating in a clinical trial.

In August, they participated with Pfizer for the same trial.

It’s a race to find a vaccine that has several pharmaceutical companies already in Phase 3 trials in record time.

UH will participate for the second time this year in those trials.

Dr. Robert Salata says the extraordinary work has been thorough. “That should not infer that we’re not cutting any corners. And we are conducting these studies very, very carefully,” said Dr. Salata.

And careful study means willing individuals to help with the research, especially communities of color.

Dr. Salata said, “We are also very keen to enroll or enrich our study participants for those who are underrepresented minorities.”

It’s mainly due to the history of deception with clinical trials and African-Americans.

Dr. Salata said assurances of safety, along with knowledge is key.

“The black community, for one, has been less eager to be involved in any clinical trials, but it’s been done. Education and outreach is going to be very important winning their trust.”

And once the race concludes, Dr. Salata says having the vaccine is only the beginning.

Dr. Salata said, “We’re going to need multiple vaccines available, just based on the sheer numbers of individuals, not just in the US, but everywhere.”

The trial is expected to begin taking volunteers for this study next week.

Those interested in participating in the study at UH should call 216-844-4444 or email to learn more.

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