Cleveland’s Jordan’s Restaurant provides Thanksgiving meals to 500 people in need

Cleveland’s Jordan’s Restaurant provided Thanksgiving meals to at least 500 people in need

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - One local family is working to feed at least 500 people in need this Thanksgiving.

The Jordan family, of Jordan’s Eatery in Cleveland’s Fairfax neighborhood, spent all day Wednesday and Thursday cooking.

“We did a total of 10 hams. We got like 10 cans of green beans. I can’t even start to tell you how many yams,” said Ebony Jordan.

Her sons Amari and Katwone helped in the kitchen. She said she wants them to help and give back to the community.

“I didn’t have nothing so every chance I can give back, I want to help and give back,” said Michael Jordan.

On Thanksgiving, the family passed the food out at the men’s shelter at 2100 Lakeside and then went over to West 65th.

This Thanksgiving isn’t the first time they’ve taken on such a huge operation.

“When the pandemic first came out we fed like 300 families with eggs, groceries, and peanut butter,” said Michael.

He added since the pandemic hit, they’ve been handing out meals to those down and out on their luck.

“I’d have maxed out my credit cards if I had to,” said Michael.

They’re also buying toys. They have thousands sitting in the restaurant. They’re planning on passing them out to those in need, starting December first until the 24th.

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