Sales skyrocket at GV Art + Design clothing company after Cleveland Browns make playoffs

Browns gear sales soar ahead of game

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Robin Keefe is feeling the football frenzy.

She’s obsessed with the Browns.

She opened up her wallet today at GV Art + Design in Lakewood to shop for family members who are all going bonkers for the Browns.

“I’m going to get some shirts for my nieces and nephews that are in Florida,” Keefe said.

Owner Greg Vlosich is obviously ecstatic.

Customers have been flooding his stores since the Browns made the playoffs, according to Vlosich.

Even online sales have been overwhelming, he said.

“Stores have been really busy, and we’ve actually deterred people a little bit as it gets later in the week from ordering online just because of the amount of orders we’ve had,” he said.

That’s a problem he’s happy to have.

Vlosich is thankful to his customers for showing their love during this historic time in Cleveland football.

As for Keefe, like many Clevelanders, her heart is full and her excitement is growing.

She says it hasn’t been this much fun around here since before the pandemic.

“It’s so exciting and awesome for our city,” she said. “It puts us on the map. We’ve earned this.”

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