Ohio teacher’s union not on same page as the governor

DeWine wants teacher’s to take COVID-19 vaccine

Ohio teacher’s union not on same page as the governor

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Governor Mike DeWine is eager to get all students back in Ohio classrooms, however the state’s largest teacher’s union wants more time to go over his plan.

Earlier this month, DeWine announced his plan to get kids back into the classroom by March 1st. Teachers would be able to get the vaccine in phase 1B - if their district committed to in-person learning.

On Tuesday, DeWine said 96% of Ohio public school districts have committed to an in-person or hybrid model by March 1.

The Ohio Federation of Teacher’s released a letter in response on Thursday, criticizing the governor’s plan.

Teachers in school districts that plan to return, at least partially, to in-person learning may get their first shot on Feb. 1, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

Locally, parents and teachers are anxious about the plan.

“They do not feel like it is a realistic timeline for schools to be reopening in the district by March 1st,” said Collyn Mauldin, who teaches school in Cleveland.

The 12-year veteran and mother-of-two understands why many have apprehensions during this era of COVID-19.

“Vaccine testing or not, we have all gone through a lot these past few months,” said Maudlin. “The anxiety has people undecisive and nervous.”

Still the teacher’s union say .

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