AKRON, Ohio (AP) - The wife of a prominent restaurant owner has been charged with complicity to commit aggravated murder in a 2001 drive-by shooting at a service station.

Police said Cynthia George, 50, who was arrested Monday night, had been romantically involved with the victim and the convicted killer.

John Zaffino, 38, is serving life without parole at a Toledo prison for killing Jeffrey Zack, 44, of Stow. The victim was shot by a passing motorcyclist at a BJ's Warehouse Club gasoline pump.

George's husband, Ed George, owns Akron's Middle Eastern-style Tangier restaurant and cabaret.

Prosecutors argued at Zaffino's trial that Cynthia George had a problem with Zack after ending a long affair with him in May 2001.

Testimony in the case indicated Zack may have placed harassing phone calls to both Cynthia and Ed George after the breakup.

Prosecutors said bank records show that Cynthia George may have provided the money used to purchase the motorcycle Zaffino (pictured, above) drove in the shooting. Cell phone records indicated Zaffino and George spoke at key points, including before and after Zack's murder.

Ed George took the stand at Zaffino's trial after his wife testified, but he invoked marital privilege rights and would not testify about conversations he had with his wife.

The case was documented in the A&E show American Justice in the episode "Who Whacked Zack" that first aired in November.

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