Dancing your way to good health

Dancing your way to good health

(WOIO) - They say it takes two to tango.  They're right and doctors are saying busting a smooth move is a great way to shed some pounds.  When I took part in puttin on the glitz, to benefit the diabetes partnership, my weight was down 7-10 pounds and it was a lot of fun.

Dr. Kim Gladden, a sports health expert at Cleveland Clinic, says dance classes can be great exercise.  So just show up at a dance class and move your body.   Any exercise is better than no exercise. So dance to your heart's content.

"They're great for strength, for flexibility. Some give you more cardio depending on the class and if you're looking for something to do with your partner, ballroom dancing is fantastic," said Dr. Gladden.

No matter what your age, just watch a class or talk to the instructor before signing up to make sure it's right for your fitness and experience level.  Ballet is great for strength and flexibility, while jazz or swing will be more of a cardio workout.

"If you're 45 or 55 and you decide you want to take swing, zumba, jazz class whatever, a lot of the motions that are done are pivoting motions and if you have knee issues or hip issues they might aggravate you a little bit." warned Dr. Gladden.  "What gets you going and really feeds your soul in some way that's what's going to get you exercising and that's the most important thing to live a long, healthy and happy life."

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