COLUMBUS, Ohio - A woman accused of fatally shooting a corrections officer while helping her husband escape from a Tennessee courthouse left in her Ohio jail cell writings detailing the crime, a prosecutor said.

Jennifer Hyatte's 34-page diary, which she titled, "A Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde," calls husband George Hyatte the love of her life. It also says the couple's ultimate destination wasn't Ohio but Pennsylvania, Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien told Columbus television WCMH on Thursday.

On Monday, U.S. marshals brought the Hyattes to Kingston, Tenn., from Columbus, where they had been held since their arrests on Aug. 10.

They were caught some 36 hours after authorities say Jennifer Hyatte, a former prison nurse, fatally shot a guard while helping her husband escape following a hearing at the Kingston courthouse.

O'Brien said the diary - a collection of letters and notes - has been turned over to a prosecutor in Tennessee. "Not only is the escape (discussed), but the crime is discussed. As a prosecutor, this would be useful at time of trial," O'Brien said.

District Attorney General Scott McCluen, who will prosecute the Hyattes in Tennessee, "at this point in time is not going to make a comment on" the diary, but may issue a statement next week, assistant Brian Crisp said.

Authorities accuse Jennifer Hyatte of ambushing two guards who were transporting her husband. Corrections officer Wayne "Cotton" Morgan, 56, was killed and Jennifer Hyatte was shot in the leg by a guard.

The Hyattes were captured late the next day at a budget motel in Columbus after the cab driver who drove them to the city called police.

George Hyatte, 34, has a long criminal record of robberies, assault and escape and already is serving a 41-year sentence. Jennifer Hyatte, 31, had been fired from her prison job because of her relationship with Hyatte, whom she married this year.

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