NerdCore Hip Hop Sweeps The Nation

United States - The term "Nerdcore" refers to both a sub-genre of hip-hop music that is created by self-professed nerds and to the subculture that has grown out of that style of music.

The subject matter covered in  Nerdcore Hip-Hop is diverse but generally songs focus on interests that in the past, mainstream America would consider geeky such as video games, computer programming, cult films, the internet, anime, comic books and science and  technology.

The predominant theme behind the Nerdcore movement is one of Nerd pride and empowerment.  It seems likely that as the industrial age gives way to the coming Information age the message behind Nerdcore will grow to reflect the dominant cultural attitude towards the intellectual and imaginative individuals known as nerds.  In the past geeks and nerds were the exception to the rule but today most Americans under 30 have at least

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