How an East Cleveland man got a traffic camera ticket dismissed.

Know the law and win.

How an East Cleveland man got a traffic camera ticket dismissed.

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - “According to the law there’s supposed to be a sign within 300 feet to notify you of any traffic recording device,” said Chris Jones after he researched state law over a traffic camera ticket he got in East Cleveland.

19 News approached City Hall and they appeared surprised when we informed them that there was nothing that said there’s traffic cameras at the location on Superior Avenue.

A week later he went for a hearing.

Jones brought a video to the hearing he made of the missing sign’s location.

The ticket was dismissed.

Still, Jones remains unimpressed with the experience.

“Didn’t want to hear anything about the traffic signs that doesn’t matter about what the law says.” is how Jones describes the interaction.

In our earlier report 19 News pointed out camera’s on Euclid Avenue were illegal too.

Although that’s not true any longer.

A speed enforcement sign that had been missing has been replaced.

There is still no signs on Superior heading toward Cleveland Heights where Jones got his ticket.

Jones believes both sides should play by the rules.

19 News discovered the person that hears appeals of traffic camera tickets is only there in the morning on Thursdays.

If you have received a ticket take a video or still image of the road to your hearing.

“This to me is just a cash grab," Jones said.

If you got a ticket recently you may be able to hold on to your cash.

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