Akron Police arrest shoplifter after she unleashed her dogs on grocery store employee

The victim was hospitalized with dog bites in his groin after vicious dog attack

Akron Police arrest shoplifter after she unleashed her dogs on grocery store employee

AKRON, Ohio (WOIO) - A woman is behind bars after police arrested her for shoplifting, and siccing her dogs on a grocery store worker who tried to stop her.

It all started last Friday at the Acme Grocery Store in Akron on East Avenue.

Akron Police tell 19 News they were called after three suspects left the store with a shopping cart full of about $250 worth of groceries.

Investigators say when an employee asked them for a receipt, one of the suspects opened her car door and released her two pit bull-mix dogs.

The employee, 55-year-old Robert Harbert, was bitten in the groin area several times and was taken by ambulance to Cleveland Clinic Akron General Medical Center with serious injuries.

Witnesses told police there was blood running down the man’s body and all over the parking lot.

Police say the suspects took off with the stolen groceries and the dogs.

An Acme worker, who does not want to be identified on camera told 19 News Reporter, Sia Nyorkor that they’re still in shock.

“It’s barbaric," he said. “There’s been shootings in the neighborhood, not extreme like this. Nothing like this.”

Tuesday morning Akron Police arrested one of the suspects, 64-year-old Linda Snow.

Captain D.H. Laughlin said she confessed to all of her crimes.

“In my 22-year career, first time I’ve ever seen anybody use a dog while in the commission of a crime. We have occasional dog bites where someone released the dog but this type of situation, never in my career," said Laughlin.

Police are still looking for the other dog and the other suspect. There’s a warrant out for arrest.

In the meantime, the dog used in the attack will be kept at a Summit County animal control facility until a judge decides what happens next.

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