Youngstown-native treated for COVID-19 while living in New York City recounts emotional journey

Youngstown native, COVID-19 survivor recounts emotional journey to recovery

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Joshua William Green, a Youngstown-native, contracted COVID-19 while living in New York City.

He spent a week in the hospital being treated for a collapsed lung, severe cough and fever.

He’s normally a private person, but said it’s important for others to hear his testimony.

“God was with me,” Green said. “I wasn’t alone. I never had a doubt I wasn’t going to get better.”

He’s a physical guy who’s used to being on the stage whether it’s acting, singing or dancing. He listened to the stay-at-home order.

But like the experts said so many people have or contract the virus and don’t even know.

When Green developed a fever and couldn’t stop coughing, he was forced to call paramedics.

“I developed this cough for about three days,” Green said. “It got progressively worse, until I couldn’t even get up to go to the bathroom on my own without having a cough attack that sent me to the floor.”

He was rushed to New York’s Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan. He was placed on oxygen.

“My body just couldn’t breathe. I could not stop coughing. I wasn’t able to do any type of breathing on my own for two to three days,” Green said.

Doctors treated him with several medicines including a steroid and hydroxychloroquine which is often used to treat malaria.

His faith and many prayers, including one from another COVID-19 patient, kept him hopeful.

“She was in the hallway being treated (and) laying on a stretcher,” Green said. “She didn’t speak English and she was trying to get someone’s attention for me. And then immediately, she just lifted her hands and she started praying for me.”

A nurse also prayed for Green.

"She came in and was just saying, 'I feel like I'm supposed to pray for you, and you're going to get better and your'e going to heal,'" Green recounted.

A week in the hospital, under treatment, worked. He was released last Thursday.

The other day he did a ballet routine knowing the importance of keeping his body active in recovery.

“I feel like I’m rebuilding my muscles all over again,” Green said. “My endurance is very low. It feels like I took the first dance class of my life.”

He said people need to hear from COVID-19 survivors.

“Anybody who knows me knows I’m the type-- you struggle in secret,” Green said. “During this time, I’ve been very exposed. The reason-- people need to see someone getting better. And they need to know what the virus does... how to recover from it and just someone with faith going through it.”

Green is optimistic about his long term recovery.

He said he’ll be paying close attention to his body and will remain steadfast in his faith.

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