Cleveland Water warns about discolored water for some

Cleveland Water warns about discolored water for some
(Source: Gregory Bull)

CLEVELAND (WOIO) - Cleveland Water is warning some residents on the city’s West Side they may see water with a slight yellow color coming out of their taps.

Impacted areas include portions of Cleveland, Brooklyn and Linndale, between Denison and Lorain Avenue to the north, Brookpark Road to the south, West 150th Street to the west, and the Jennings Freeway to the east.

Officials say the water is safe to drink and there is no boil alert in effect.

The discoloration is caused by hypoxic water from Lake Erie entering the Garrett A. Morgan water treatment plant.

The treatment plant is located in the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood.

According to Cleveland Water, hypoxic water can have elevated levels of manganese.

Manganese is not considered a health risk in water.

Because of the risk of discoloration, Cleveland Water says to avoid doing laundry as staining may occur.

The water may also have a slight metallic bitter taste that is made worse if the water is used to make coffee.

Hypoxic water has a large impact on fish, who must leave the affected area due to the lack of oxygen.

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