Here’s the nerdy explanation for why it’s so windy in Cleveland

Here’s the nerdy explanation for why it’s so windy in Cleveland
Cleveland (Source: Samantha Roberts)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - We’ve gotten many questions about the winds lately.

Why have they been so high?

Why were there so many power outages over the weekend?

High wind events can be prompted by different things.

Sometimes cold fronts come through and kick the winds up.

On other occasions, strong thunderstorms produce high winds.

That was the case on Sunday, when a line of severe storms moved from west to east across the area, producing damaging winds which knocked down trees and power lines across our area.

But remember, not every high wind event is the same.

After all, it’s sunny today.

So, what gives?

Generally, the reason for our bad hair days and uncontrollable car door hinges is the pressure gradient force.

This causes wind.

When the pressure is different from one location to another, you have a pressure gradient.

This pressure imbalance can create strong winds, causing you to grip your steering wheel a bit more tightly than normal.

Regarding today’s strong winds, we have low pressure near the upper Great Lakes and central Ontario.

Meanwhile, high pressure is meandering near the Mid-Atlantic region.

The pressure imbalance present between these two features is bringing us winds in excess of 40 mph.

Thankfully, the winds will be backing off in a major way tomorrow.

It will be a little breezy from time to time on Friday, but winds will not exceed 15 mph.

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